Limousin Holidays at Les Marronniers

About the Courses

The Autumn and Spring programmes will be concentrating on breath-taking landscapes, village-scapes, nature and close-ups. Since all of us love the exquisite countryside and villages of France, we will spend as much time as possible in the field taking spectacular images. The program is a blend between a workshop and a photo tour.

The workshops are carefully planned to take you to scenic places where you are sure to find magnificent subjects to photograph. Jeff will show you how to select exciting photo prospects from the chaos of nature. He will demonstrate how to shoot great images of the subject using techniques that anyone can learn and master. Jeff’s intention is to spend all of his time in the field helping you take pictures with your equipment, and though he may be tempted to shoot some of his own images, he will be concentrating totally on you! On occasion, he will demonstrate certain techniques like tilt/shift fill-flash, main flash, and live view shooting strategies.

Jeff will spend some of the workshop presenting instructional programs that have been carefully prepared to maximise learning. The material contained in the programs is suitable for beginners through to professionals.

There will be a showing of your best images captured on the workshop on the Friday night when Jeff will give a kind and constructive critique.

Participating in the photography workshop is not only a super way to improve your photographs and to learn about your camera controls, it’s a wonderful “learning vacation” as well. However, these workshops are not for everyone. There will be a field trip most mornings (weather dependent), beginning at least 1 hour before sunrise until breakfast. Getting up for those early mornings isn’t as tough as it sounds as in September sunrise is about 6:30 am.

Evening field trips begin straight after dinner before sunset, and weather permitting you will stay out for the sun going down.

Instructional programs

Most of the instructional programs – which cover technique, compositions and processing - are held during inclement weather or the middle of the day because the light isn’t normally the best for photography. We will also make use of this time for processing, showing and critiquing of your own images. The early mornings and evenings are reserved for field trips unless the weather is unreasonable.

Field Trips

Are normally between 2 and 4 hours long.

We will transport you by minibus to places of historical interest or natural beauty. There will be plenty of opportunity to capture lots of memorable images.

Here are a few just to wet your appetite!

1. The Castle Ruins

Jeff Morgan photography courses in France

2. St. Benoit du Sault

Jeff Morgan photography courses in France

3. The River Sedelle

Jeff Morgan photography courses in France

4. Argenton-sur-Creuse

Jeff Morgan photography courses in France


Your Photography

We use a digital projector for viewing your images. Just give Jeff a copy of your images on a CD, a USB stick, or CF card to let us view them. Bringing a laptop computer is highly encouraged!

Jeff has asked that you bring some digital images or prints from home to share with the group, Although this is optional, it’s a great way of sharing and showing the rest of the group where you have been – a great ice breaker!

From your tutor :- “We eat, breathe, and sleep photography at each workshop. That doesn’t mean its all work and no play. We take our field trips at a leisurely pace, so there is time to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounds. We may even get a little silly at times, but then laughter and humour add to the workshop experience”!