Les Marronniers The Forgotten France

Terms & Conditions


All bookings are Saturday to Saturday, arrival after 4 pm, departure by 10 am.

Provisional bookings are taken by post, telephone, or e-mail (just click on "Reservations"), and will be held for 7 days pending receipt of the deposit (failing which they will automatically be cancelled). We will send you a confirmation notice by e-mail, or by post if you prefer.


Payment is by cheque or electronic transfer (account details on application) in £ Sterling or in € Euros. We reserve the right to charge an extra € 35 to cover bank charges for € Euro payments originating outside of the Euro zone.

The booking deposit is 50% of the total, with the balance due six weeks prior to arrival.


In the event that you are obliged to cancel, please let us know as soon as possible. We will make every effort to re-let the accommodation booked and return payments made. However, we reserve the right to decline a refund if we are not successful, and/or to deduct our legitimate costs. We advise our guests to insure against last-minute causes of cancellation.

If we are forced to cancel, we will make a full and prompt refund of all payments received. This is the limit of our obligation.


When you arrive, we want you to find everything as spotlessly clean and tidy as you would at home. But with only a few hours available for "change-over", we rely on departing guests not to set us an impossible task. Please make sure you leave the bathrooms tidy, wash up, clean the barbecue, oven and hob, and put all the furniture and equipment back where you found it.


We are sorry, but we believe your pets will be happier at home than in a rural setting where there are farm animals, hunting dogs, and feral cats nearby. And much as we would love to meet them, we have to take account of other guests' possible feelings, so we have a strict "no pets" rule during peak and high season, and we ask you to check with us first if you want to bring them at any other time.


We understand, we used to smoke! But we ask you to respect the wishes of non-smoking guests - as you will be spending most of your time outdoors, this should not be too difficult. There is a strict no-smoking rule in the bedrooms, for obvious safety reasons, and so that the smell does not linger to upset future guests.


Guests are responsible for any damage they cause to our facilities, and we advise you to insure against possible liability for any major cost.

Having said that, we quite understand that minor accidents happen, and rather than hold a security deposit, we prefer to operate a "gentlemen's agreement" for the economical repair or replacement of damaged items. We will only expect you to pay what it costs us.

Swimming Pool, etc.

Newly introduced regulations in France set strict safety standards for swimming pools. We are supportive of this initiative and will expect you to comply with the common-sense rules for the pool, as well as other facilities. We will explain these to you when you arrive (or you can request an advance copy).

To minimise the risk of injury, or of damage to the pool liner, glass and sharp objects are not permitted within the pool compound. We are pleased to provide plastic glasses and picnic equipment for your use.

Website Guest Book

We reserve the right to decline to post your comments, or to edit submissions that we do post for reasons of brevity, spelling and grammar, or factual correctness.


We do our best to provide a pleasant, safe, and enjoyable environment for your holiday, and we welcome your suggestions to improve things further, but we cannot accept liability for injury or damage arising from your use of the facilities provided, and we will require you to complete a disclaimer with your booking confirmation.

Complaints and Constructive Criticism

If there is a problem, please tell us about it - we can't fix it if we don't know.

If we have done our job properly and everything is perfect - please tell your friends!


This has never happened yet, but in the unlikely event that we cannot amicably settle any dispute between us, the courts of England and Wales shall have jurisdiction.